Who We Are

‘Farm to Market: Opportunity Knocks’ is the seventh Farmer Veteran Stakeholders Conference hosted by Farmer Veteran Coalition. This year the event takes place in two regional locations - Knoxville, TN and Tacoma, WA - rather than one national gathering, with the Tennessee and Washington state chapters of FVC serving as hosts. It features two days of education, workshops, distinguished speakers, guest panels, networking and more, designed to offer you tools to take your business to the next level.

A movement. It’s the leading gathering for the military-to-agriculture movement sweeping the country – the growing movement to support the veteran men and women who choose to continue their service to the country, once by defending it and now by feeding it. When Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) was established in 2008, no one was connecting veterans with the farming community. A pioneer and leader in this movement, FVC began as the first group to do so, and also the first veteran group to target the men and women returning home to our most rural communities. We have a strong belief that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems, and that agriculture offers veterans purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits. Today there are more than 250 organizations supporting this movement, and the Stakeholders Conference is the principal symposium that brings all the players together.

A unification. It’s a powerful way to connect our farmers who are geographically isolated in rural parts of the country, often separate from each other and sometimes from access to services. With “rural route” and “county road” our most common member addresses, this is a platform to physically unite us all. Members benefit greatly from meeting each other (even virtually!), exchanging ideas, and building a community. We welcome veterans - including those still serving - who are currently farming, interested in farming, or just want to learn more about the movement. We also welcome non-veterans who would like to show their support of these brave men and women. It serves as an introduction to the opportunities available for veterans, and a venue to network with partner organizations - from government, higher education, and public interest philanthropy. In sharing these resources, we help veterans transition to careers in agriculture and cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders.

An inspiration. It’s a forum for members to share their empowering and inspirational stories – their triumphs, their struggles, lessons learned, and successes gained. Whether it’s a small farm or a large one, one that is new or one that has been in the family for generations, one that is conventional or organic or bio-dynamic, veterans are uniting to feed America. In this business, everyone has the potential to be our partner. With the whole nation taking a new interest in the health of our rural communities and rural economies, the work of all of us becomes even more important.

Let’s make the most of our time together so that we can make an even greater impact at home.

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