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Podcast Feature
Part 1 of a 3-series podcast highlighting our 2020 conference. Thank you to member (and former Army Ranger) Shay Foulk for hosting.

First up, on this episode:
Twin sisters Ladonna and Heather of Hollyaire Farm explain how they cleaned up an abandoned 15-acre property after their service in the Air Force, and started farming it to sell holly wreaths and cherries. Listen in for the 3 reasons why they found last year’s conference in Austin invaluable, with a look ahead to why our 2020 “gathering” is a must!
They headline our "Sweet or Crunchy" breakout session on orchards - fruit and nut trees.

Podcast Feature
Part 2 of a 3-series podcast highlighting our 2020 conference. Thank you to member (and former Army Ranger) Shay Foulk for hosting.

On this episode:
Mark Bowen, our Vermont chapter president, talks lumber, grass-fed beef, maple syrup, and then some.
You can hear more from mark on the "Timber or Tannenbaum: These Woods to Know" breakout session on foresty.

North Carolina Farm Bureau feature
"After the injury I felt like I wasn't serving anymore. The camaraderie that you lose when you leave the military, you gain that through FVC" -Davon Goodwin, Army vet, OTL Farms

FVC Member and double amputee Alex Jauregui –
Owner of Fury Bees in Woodland, CA – as featured on
a Good Day Sacramento

Josh Eilers of Ranger Cattle was just featured on KVUE Austin news.


“This was my first time in attendance [at an FVC Conference]. My recommendation is this. If necessary, sell off your herds, flocks, and maybe a child or two…whatever you need to be in attendance. I’ll be looking back on this week in 5, 10, or 20 years and talking about how it changed everything for me.” (from 2018)

"I have made valuable connections through FVC and here in North Carolina. Having a common ground like farming is great, but having the brotherhood of service makes for instant connections."

"What I found most valuable about the conference was the networking. Talking to other veterans about their successes and failures, lets you know right away that their struggles are just as real as your own. I was truly in awe of the FVC staff. They were happy to be there and made me feel supported. When you feel like you’re stumbling through this love we call farming, a little support goes a long way."

"My wife and I think FVC is a great organization. Your grants are a big help to so many farmers. Mentoring and classes only go so far. Where the rubber meets the road, people need the money to buy the equipment required for the job. When I transitioned from the military, a million organizations were available to help me write a business plan or attend college classes. FVC was the only organization that would help to execute a plan."

I am writing to express my greatest gratitude for the scholarship awarded to me to attend the recent Farmer Veterans Conference 2018 in Kansas City. I was so inspired by the success stories of the veterans that have made the transition to agriculture that I could not stop talking about the conference for days! After returning home, I was able to find a local program called Soldier to Agriculture and my husband and I start the 6-week program next week. We are very excited!

“When you find people like Michael O’Gorman, you hold them close and treat them well. He thanked me for my service in a way I will never forget.”

"I tell other veterans that people will thank them, but most won't go out of their way to help in your next phase of life. Farmer Veteran Coalition was different. They helped so much, and they never thought of what they could get out of it."

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