Rachael Taylor-Tuller

Taylor-Tuller, Rachel- Resized


Lost Peacock Creamery

Rachael Taylor-Tuller graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2005 and served as a Services Officer at McChord Air Force Base. She also served one deployment to Balad Air Base in Iraq. After separating, Rachael worked in Marketing for 10 years before leaving corporate America to become a full-time farmer. Together, with her husband, they started Lost Peacock Creamery, a Grade A Goat Dairy in Olympia, Washington that makes ridiculously fabulous goat cheese. As first generation farmers they have made infinite mistakes, but now, through continual growth and adaptation, they've carved out a sustainable business that not only provides a living wage for their family, but is at the center of what they feel is a deeply intentional life.

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